The Workshop

Our Workshop is a full-service industrial Workshop. We do wood cutting projects, assembly projects, packaging and sorting projects and even metal and welding projects. We have built "Side-Racks" for the US Department of Defense that fit Army and Marine vehicles. Most of our work is sub-contract work for local industries. The only difference in our workshop and any other local industrial shop, is that we employ individuals with disabilities. Each of our current employees has a severe disability that has hindered their employment in the regular workforce.

Our customers expect and receive the same quality work that a company might expect from any other industrial shop. It's just that our work is done by people with disabilities. Our workers have many of the same "abilities" as any other worker; they just need some allowances that we are able to provide that a for-profit company does not. We take pride in our accommodations and our workers.

For more information call our Workshop at 256-381-1110