Vocational Services

Easterseals Northwest Alabama Adults Vocational Program works with the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services to help individuals with disabilities seeking employment. The disability does not matter as long as the individual is capable of obtaining and maintaining employment in the workforce. We serve all ages, from high school to senior citizen. Many of our consumers, while able to work, need some assistance to be successful. Easterseals Northwest Alabama provides training, resources and individual assistance to ensure that individuals with disabilities have the same opportunity to succeed as a person without a disability.

Easterseals Northwest Alabama provides Job Readiness training which includes resume writing, application assistance, interview skills, time management, job exploration and job placement assistance. Our goal is that each individual that completes our Vocational Services Program is ready for employment in their area of interest.

All services provided to our Consumers are based upon what we call a “Person Centered Philosophy.” The Staff at Easterseals is available to help and advise the Consumer but ultimately the program is Consumer driven and the Consumer has total control of their individual programs. All services are “Consumer Choice,” meaning the Consumer is supported by the Easterseals Staff but the Consumer has the final choice in any matters related to their individual program.

Person Centered Philosophy
Easterseals Northwest Alabama uses a Person-Centered Philosophy to provide services. This method of service provision care views consumers as partners in planning, developing, and conducting their service plan. One of the first steps in this process is basing the components of the plan on the unique strengths and needs of the consumer. Another vital component of Person-Centered care is considering the desires, values and social circumstances of the consumers and their families. Finally, implementation of this philosophy requires both compassion and the ability to see things from the point of view of the consumer. It is also contingent on the ability of the consumer to embrace the fact that each consumer is unique.

For additional information contact the Vocational Services Department at 256-381-1110.